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Released 2020

“BLT is meant to be more of an experience for the listener, than a conventional song…at least that’s what I intended from a sound design perspective. I’m putting the listener in the front seat of an epic battle between myself, and the voice(s) of my haters, doubters, non-believers, etc…turn your speakers up, buckle in, enjoy the ride 🔥”

– Daniel Fondu

Written by Daniel Obiefuna Nwandu (2019)

Let me try to teach you with the flick on the wrist
(Flick on the wrist)
When I shoot for the dream, shot cold, I never miss
Trynna ball like this, I’m the shit nigga
Better get ya game up quick
(Ha, get ya game up quick)
I’ma run off with the bag, fast twitch
Running up the flag, with the RFB drip
RFB on ya bitch
She just wanna make the hip dip, on my dick
She can get flipped, getting wet for a nigga that can lift
Get wet for a nigga like commish
But, ain’t no other nigga like commish
Real shit
Ya girl hit the button just to make the player switch
You just sitting watching from the bench, wishing you could just ball like this
Ball like this
(Ball Like This)
Ball like this
You can never ball like this
(Ha, never)
Ball like this
(Ball like this)
You can never ball like commish
Same niggas hating, just praying they could ball like this
I’m just saying
(Tell em)
You don’t gotta hate
Go get ya gualla, get paid
(Go get ya gualla, get paid)
All of my gang get money and get the funds, and we can get smoke
Don’t hide, don’t run
Kill too cold, paid guns
I just got my ten toes down day 1’s

Written, Performed, & Voice Acted by Daniel Nwandu
Produced by Gravy Beats
Engineered by Daniel Nwandu
Cover Artwork by Daniel Nwandu


Designed by Daniel Obiefuna Nwandu