Daniel Obiefuna Nwandu Jr.


Featured Video Projects

RFB XIII Championship Game

Direction / Video Production

Full-length sports game film production complete with sound design, custom scoreboard and graphic overlays, multiple angle syncing, color-grading, and more. Watch the epic finale of the most competitive men’s flag football league in the south.

4Earth 2021

Direction / Video Production

Hired to direct and produce a promotional video for a client’s brand with explicit instructions for the video to have a cinematic feel, as well as to refrain from using any musical sound or voice-over narration.

Saber: The Last Stick


A thrilling Star Wars inspired two minute-long animated feature produced by myself at the age of 14. Watch as two jedi master stickfigures from opposite sides of the force faceoff in their final battle complete with an epic score, sound design, dialogue, and special effects.

Featured Photography

All photography captured and edited by Daniel Obiefuna Nwandu Jr.

Brand Design

All brand identities ideated and designed by Daniel Obiefuna Nwandu Jr.


Featured Web Development Projects

All websites configured, designed, and developed by Daniel Obiefuna Nwandu Jr.